Virtual Presence


MARCH 2012

Location: Shanghai, CHINA

Alfred Dunhill, the British luxury brand, built a giant dome to showcase Britain’s four seasons in a holographic form. 64 models stood inside the dome wearing the brand’s latest collection as a holographic backdrop showed an impressive interpretation of each season behind.

As the show moved from Spring to Winter, the models subtly responded to the changing seasons with an addition of sunglasses or the turning up of a collar, until the finale brought in a sudden midnight holographic snow storm that circled them. There was even a scent released into the room to represent the smell air has after it has rained.

The project was conceptualised and led by augmented reality expert Holition, with production partners CAMPAIGN managing the set design and APAX Group in China handling the delivery. Sharad’s and his Musion team was responsible for creating the world’s first, and largest, double sided holographic display.




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