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We are extremely proud of the projects we have delivered in the past. Our showcases are a mix of projects from Virtual Presence and our past achievements. Projects delivered solely by Virtual Presence are clearly marked.

Virtual Events

This medium to large scale holographic display technology creates a highly convincing virtual illusion of an individual or animated object present on stage. Interactivity elements enhance the installation’s impact, making it the ideal solution for fixed or temporary applications, including virtual music concerts, product launches, trade shows, museums, visitor attractions and one-off entertainment events.

FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER… Virtual Presence is the ONLY provider in the world offering you the opportunity to own your own Virtual Event (Life size Holographic Projection system) for all your holographic presentation requirements. All this for the cost of simply a day’s rental charge of a temporary installation. So no more expensive rentals or exorbitant licence fees. Simply a one time investment to own your own solution and a minimal monthly maintenance charge.

Solution Detail:

  • Can be designed to suit your needs.
  • Temporary or permanent installation. Fixed, Retractable or Portable.
  • Installation size designed to suit your audience size or size of 3D imagery.

Helps achieve growth through innovative new business models and enhancing end users’ visual experience.

Suited for all Verticals such as:

  • Entertainment: Virtual music concerts, movie premieres, tourist attractions, museums and more.
  • Education: Virtual training and development across all industry sectors.
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical: Virtual patient case studies, awareness campaigns etc.
  • Automobile: Virtual holographic showrooms with 3D virtual configurable cars.
  • Real estate: 3D virtual tours and plans.
  • Luxury goods & fashion: Virtual fashion shows to virtual pop up retail stores & more.

In addition to the above, the technology allows you to work across all verticals including telecommunication, gaming, retail & more for general marketing & advertising.

To arrange a demonstration or discuss your requirements, please get in touch with us.

Virtual Retail

Whether a product launch, promotional campaign or just a virtual catalogue, Virtual Mobile offers you a low budget, high impact, portable solution that can be rolled out across all industry sectors with rental costs as low as £250. Units are available for rental or sale and come in various finishes, materials & sizes from 15” for a small product display to 70” for a life size person.

More information available on request.

An eye-catching, compact portable holographic solution designed for constrictive spaces and higher ambient lights. Virtual Retail has been custom-designed for POS and brand awareness applications, particularly for the highly competitive retail and FMCG sectors.

Virtual Live

Built on the Virtual Event platform, Virtual Live involves the real-time filming of an individual in one location for broadcasting to one or more other installations anywhere in the world. This is the next step in specialist business communications, political rallying, public addresses and live campaigns.

A real time communication solution between multiple locations around the world. Ideally suited for conferences and meetings.

The installation can be deployed for a one off event or a permanent semi portable/retractable setup to communicate effectively across all locations.

Virtual Live offers everything Virtual Event does but in real time.

Virtual Mobile(NEW)

The latest addition to the Virtual Presence portfolio, Virtual Mobile is a mass-market product that is easy to distribute, install and manage. Each unit is sent flat-pack and assembled by the consumer in the comfort of their own home. Content is downloaded through a mobile application onto your device, then placed in the Virtual Mobile unit to deliver a holographic experience direct to the user. Virtual Mobile is ideal for product launches, TV campaigns and advertising projects.

The world’s first solution using your Smart phones and Tabs to create a holographic visual experience for your end users. Ideally suited for mass distribution due to very low costs starting from just under £5.


  • General promotion, branding & marketing.
  • Virtual celebrities with personalized messages, exclusive interviews or 3D holographic downloadable music videos.
  • GP in your pocket including 3D health awareness campaigns.
  • Personal tutor, fitness instructors and tour guides.
  • Personal 3D video player or a 3D webinar in your pocket.
  • Product demo and displays.
  • 3D merchandise, 3D fashion catalogues or personalised 3D greeting cards.
  • Virtual concierge & assistant.
  • Religion & personal.
  • Education, personal training & development.
  • Children’s 3D storybooks, 3D encyclopedias, gaming or animated characters.
  • Adult entertainment.

With choice of sizes from your smallest smart phones to tablets in various materials and finishes, Virtual Mobile offers you a personal hologram experience for under £5, making it a must have for every household.

Virtual Mobile has only just launched. To be one of the first people in the world to see what the innovation can achieve, please contact us for an exclusive private viewing where we will be happy to show you its potential.

Virtual Stereo 3D (NEW)

The first true 3D stereoscopic HD hologram that does not need darkness but is custom designed to work under a single bright light. It requires no glasses, is extremely portable and can be replicated in large quantities. The 3D hologram can be a single image or a combination of them which can rise up off a horizontal plane, be on a wall or window projecting out at the viewer or create a virtual room behind the plane. It allows 3D visualisation for promotion, marketing & branding for tables, walls or floors and can be made to any size. Virtual 3D stereoscopic display is a revolutionary cost effective new display solution for any sector or campaign.


  • 3D Merchandise for luxury sector, entertainment and more.
  • 3D holographic poster campaign for retail & product launches.
  • Display complex technical data in medical, automotive, real estate sectors & more to engage the user.

To arrange a personal viewing, please contact the team. Images/Videos available now.

Creative Content Services

Working with our clients, we have the creative teams to fit the job

We have the expertise, capacity and facilities to conceptualise, construct and deliver your holographic project.

Our creative teams work hand in hand with us and closely with our clients across everything from concept development, filming, animation services – both 2D and 3D, to post production and logistical support, ensuring a seamless delivery of your holographic project.

With our in-house filming facilities and technical directors, you are assured of good quality whilst also remaining cost efficient.

We always select the appropriate creative teams in terms of scale and skill set in order to facilitate your production,so you are always in safe hands.




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